Karolina Skórka

Good image specialist. For 6 years she made sure that they spoke and wrote well about Chorzów. Now she is marketing and public relations specialist in American Theme Park Twinpigs, Water Park Aquarion, Fire Museum and Cultural Center in Chorzów. She is also youth project coordinator. She created and opened Zone for Youth #Wolka in Chorzów. This is the first coffee shop in Silesia (region in south Poland), where teenagers are planning calendar of events and organizing concerts and workshops. In #Wolka the young meets too for good (and free) coffee. She was also a coordinator of the Youth City Council in Chorzów. After hours, he reads books and talks about them in the podcast One mówią. In weekly episodes, together with a friend, she recommends good books and articles. Favorite way to relax: a walk with her dog Irena.