Become a volunteer or share your idea!

 We miss volunteers here in Poland! Being a volunteer is still not very popular in Poland where not even 20% of people declare to be ones. Only 18% of Polish society gets occasionally  involved in voluntary work. There is a huge lack of volunteers among Polish youngsters on the contrary to such countries as: Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Island, Germany or Spain where such actions are taken by 50% of citizens.

 Does it mean that we Poles are not willing to work for our common wealth?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Why then are there not enough volunteers?

22% of Polish citizens are involved in non- formal civil institutions supporting relatives, neighbours, seniors, children, religious or local groups. Among other 60% there are also people who want but do not know how to begin their adventure with volunteering.

Is it worth becoming a volunteer?

I am a volunteer because:

  • common actions stand a bigger chance to succeed;
  • volunteers get the others’ respect and sympathy;
  • new practical skills can be achieved by real useful actions;
  • it helps make new friends;
  • working in a new team gives possibilities to discover and develop my passions;
  • it brings joy;
  • it is valuable to be needed.

We invite for cooperation those who are attracted to idea of becoming volunteers.

If you want to start- write to: biuro@agereaude.pl

Data for: research results of the Klon / Jawor Association (2014)