Aleksandra Boroń

is a SLT, who delivers therapy in private practice in Syców and Zgorzelec, Poland. She gained over a dozen years of professional experience while working in kindergartens, primary schools, private practices and conducting practical classes with students of postgraduate speech therapy courses. She is specializing in stuttering. She has held numerous trainings in this field in Poland and Germany and is deeply involved in promoting knowledge about fluency disorders by conducting parent workshops, training for teachers and SLTs, active participation in national and internationals conferences, publication of articles, translations of training materials and a guid for parents and caregivers by P. Schneider: My child stutters – what can I do? (2017). 

Undertakes pro publico bono activities, e.g. promoting favorable attitudes towards stuttering or supporting parents of children with fluency disorders. In 2018 she received the prof. Gene J. Brutten Grant for special achievements in fluency disorders. Currently she lives in the Polish-German borderland and is interested also in the issue of multilingualism.