Kamil Niesłony

He doesn’t agree when someone says “impossible”. Stubbornly strives for the goal. He likes working with creative and concreted people whose ideas improve projects. He likes to observe measurable effects and that’s why he always has a list with a plan of action and a pen for drawing plans and completed items. He graduated the Organization Of Film And Television Production at Radio and Television Department of the University of Silesia, as well as Political Studies with the specialty of Journalism. A member of the Polish Filmmakers Association. Director, operator and editor, as well as the implementer of many projects. Since 2016, he has been implementing the film “Encyclopedia of the Silesian Uprisings”. Double awarded for this series: the main prize in the Historical Event of the Year competition and the Museum Event of the Year Sybilla in 2016 . Journalist, operator and editor. For 8 years now he has been cooperating with Polish Television, where he has been working on the production of documentary series. He also collaborated with the Studio Miniatur Filmowych in Warsaw, the production company EGoFILM from Warsaw, as well as Silesian production agencies.