Dr. Joanna Przyklenk

For several years now, she has been willing to join the social activities run by the AGERE AUDE Foundation of Knowledge and Dialogue. On a daily basis, she works on didactics, as she’s  an employee of the Institute of Polish Language at the University of Silesia. In her work she focuses on the history of Polish language and on the correctness problems of contemporary Polish. She pays much attention to phonetic-phonological and grammatical issues as well as rhetoric and textology issues. She conducted numerous lectures, classes and language classes at many foreign universities, including in: Leipzig, Cologne, Minsk, Kharkov, Dublin, Bratislava, Bishkek, Tallinn, Tartu, Moscow or Berlin. Dr Joanna Przyklenk is also active in non-university space, lecturing and workshops for people not related to the academic environment. In addition to that, she also engages in social activities. She’s the president of the Association of Friends of the Polish Language Institute of the University of Silesia “Via Linguae”, which works on increasing the language awareness of Polish speakers and for good, i.e. correct, appropriate and cultural, social communication practices. This organization, promoting the belief that language is a value, also supports the statutory activities of the Institute of the Polish Language of the University of Silesia.