Anna Zachurzok

local leader, feminist, cultural animator. Graduate of Art Education and Polish philology at the University of Silesia. Her studies armed her with tools to explore the world and confirmed her belief that the mission of the humanist and pedagogue is to introduce others to the world of culture and liberate creative expression. For several years she worked as an art teacher in elementary school and pre-high school, but real satisfaction gives her the job as an instructor at the Community Center of Culture. Currently, she co-runs film workshops. She is a member of one of the oldest Amateur Film Club “Klaps”, a set designer and producer of children and youth films. She also writes and coordinates cultural, educational and social projects, the last one implemented by “Infrastructure of the culture houses” program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. And outside of work, she is a lover of Italian landscapes and Italian paste, an admirer of Polish contemporary women’s cinema.