5th  International Speech Therapy Conference „Speech Therapy – theory and practice”

intake number: 897/P-DUN/2017

funding source: Dissemination of Science, funds from the Minister of Science and Higher Education

implementation time: 16th-17th September 2017

The purpose of the conference is a scientific discussion on speech disorders and knowing of theoretical and practical speech therapy. We want to contemplate about theoretical basis of diagnosis and  therapy and review practical solutions used during the therapies. Recognizing the thesis that practice is an inspiration to researches we want to present new findings of speech therapists, linguists and doctors. We would also like to popularize variety practical solutions inspired by scientific theories and conceptions.

Kindergarten with a legend – a series of activities promoting reading and building identity communities

intake number: 07719/17

funding source: The 2017 Reading Promotion Program co-financed from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

implementation time: April-November 2017

The purpose of the project is promoting of reading among youngest children (5-6 years old). Children from 10 kindergartens have taken part in creative workshops (about art and reading) under care of psychologists and academic workers of Silesian University. They created a legend about establishment of their kindergarten. During reading activities they got to know national legends (“Lech, Czech and Russ”, “The Well of Three Brothers”, “Wars and Sawa”). These stories were starting point of making a scheme of fiction about their kindergartens. On the next workshops children made illustrations referring to their legends. Participation in this project have stimulated the imagination of the children, allowed to develop new skills and strengthen the sense of community. At the end there was a mobile exhibition presented in all of the kindergartens that took part in the project.


School not only for Einstein (partnership)

intake number: RPSL.11.01.04-24-006B/15-00

funding source: project financed under the Regional Operational Program of the Silesian Voivodeship for 2014/2020

implementation time: January-December 2017

As a part of extra classes of foreign languages, mathematics and biological subjects, students of junior high schools could learn and develop passions. Classes allowed also to equal chances of students with educational and adaptive problems. Participants had an ability to have an individual consultations with psychologists.

Participation in democration

intake number: 2015-3-PL01-KA347-022830

funding source: Erasmus Plus Program. Action 3

implementation time: May-October 2016

Project is an answer to a problem of a lack of the youth’s knowledge about the wide range of capabilities of their participation in political life. We want to learn about participatory budget by debate and meetings with makers and experts. The aim is to enlarge the youth’s participation and sense of agency. These meetings also have to lead to an improvement of teenagers’ with “less chances” situation. Propositions given might be valuable information for makers about direction of development of an urban policy. The main plot is a simulation of participatory budget – a game where teenagers would be able to gain knowledge about managing the budget, creating teams and self-presentation.  Predicted results are: gaining knowledge about the budget, submitting applications, learning the possibilities, but also the limitations of cooperation with public institutions. Participants will also learn how important teamwork is to achieve the goal. All activities will be conducted on principles consistent with the principles of structured dialogue. The results will also include: increasing the knowledge of the participants, both young people and teachers of schools who will share knowledge acquired with other students. The project will also result in the representatives of City Offices meeting the expectations and ideas of young people, some projects written by young people can be implemented. It is essential that officials have the opportunity to learn the opinion of the young generation, which will soon be actively involved in political life.

More than a painting – feel the painting with all your senses

intake number: 72407/15

funding source: 2016 Accessible Culture program co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

implementation time: June – December 2016

The aim of the project is to facilitate access to cultural goods of the inhabitants of areas remote from cultural centres thanks to the organization of a mobile exhibition of Polish paintings, the exhibition was presented in two cultural centres. The element of the task was also the website, on which artworks inspired by the exhibition and multi-sensory art experience were placed. The website is also a place where reports from vernissages and polisensory museum lessons were published.

International Speech Therapy Conference „Speech Fluency Disorders”. 2nd Edition

intake number: 940/P-DUN/2016

funding source: funds from the Minister of Science and Higher Education for dissemination activities

implementation time: August 2016

The conference were a two-days event which started with a translated at the same time lectures of special guests (from Poland, Great Britain, United States and Israel). In the afternoon every participant could take part in section meetings (translated at the same time or consecutively). There were also poster sessions, seminary sessions and workshops that allowed speech therapists to develop their qualifications by participating in workshops led by best specialists.

Bravo Polish! – educational and cultural  TV audition

intake number: 5723/16

funding source: resources of the National Centre of Culture as part of the program “Native – add to favourites”

implementation time: February-November 2016

The purpose of the project is production and issuance of 12 episodes of educational and cultural program “Bravo Polish!”. The aim of the task was to strengthen communication skills and improve linguistic knowledge and creating conscious attitudes to the language. Each episode was about several communication problem (language savoir-vivre, social language conditioning etc.)The issuance was on TVP Katowice and on the Internet. You can also watch them on our YouTube channel.

E-learning in a new form (partnership)

intake number: UDA-POKL.09.01.02-24-108/14-00

funding source: as part of the competition for Sub-measure 9.1.2 of the Human Capital Operational Program in the Silesian Voivodeship

implementation time: February-October 2015

The aim of the project is strengthening the potential of young people by conducting 966 hours of classes with students of two teams of secondary schools from Ruda Śląska. Fighting with stress, dyslexia, Polish language, education for security, decoration, advertising, creative thinking and photography as part of a project co-financed by the European Social Fund called “E-learning in a new form”. The recipients of the task were students of the Secondary School No. 1 and the Secondary School Complex No. 2 in Ruda Śląska.

Dare to act – the city (in the hands) of the inhabitants

intake number: 4/2015

funding source: Civic Initiatives Fund – Śląskie Lokalnie (2015)

implementation time: June-October 2015

The direct recipients of the project were the Foundation’s members and volunteers cooperating with us who can actively work for the benefit of the local community. The planned activities directly influenced the strengthening of the Foundation’s potential – the scope of the Foundation’s influence was increased and a space was created (equipped office) for contact with the residents of Chorzów and for activities promoting civic activity. Indirect recipients of the project were also residents of 7 districts of the city of Chorzów, who could use the help and support for writing applications and other letters addressed to municipal institutions.

City game: “150 secrets of Nikiszowiec”

funding source: a small grant from the Katowice City Hall

implementation time: May-August 2015

“150 secrets of Nikiszowiec” is an artistic event in the form of a city game, which, by the use of urban space, was supposed to promote the discovery of the region’s heritage and the local cultural tradition. Nikiszowiec is one of the most popular and the most beautiful districts of Katowice. Its unusual topography makes a perfect space to lead a city game. Each game allowed the participants to get to know the region’s history, social and cultural traditions, the dialect and Silesian cuisine. This game has shown that tradition is a precious element of our lives and nobody should be ashamed of it as it shapes who we are. “Fairytale-like Silesia”, “Silesian players” and “Historical Nikisz” are themes of the executed events. Each city game was based on the same scheme, but with an individual scenario. Groups of ten with guardians had gotten a map of Nikiszowiec with places they had to visit. In each place there was a fact about Nikiszowiec and a secret envelope with riddles inside (there were 50 riddles for each game in a cycle consisted of 150 secrets of Nikiszowiec for the 150th Katowice’s anniversary). In every point there were also instructions were to go next. Of the 15 points, five were provided by volunteers, while in three strategic places local folk artists: Ewelina Soska, Grzegorz Chudy and Marek Szołtysek who gave short lectures promoting exploring of the local heritage and local cultural tradition. The penultimate game’s point was always Centrum Zimbardo or a catechetical room where children watched a fragment of “Mówię i Godom”, “Made in Silesia” and “Hand cooking” programs. That last one was about a Silesian cuisine which children could have tased in the last place – Social Cooperative Rybka, which prepared treats for children.

Citizens’ budget in Chorzów

funding source: small grant from the Chorzów City Hall

implementation time: April-July 2015

An important element of strengthening the local community is encouraging citizens to civic activity. Our project fully met this assumption, because through information, promotional and educational activities, it assumed the inclusion of citizens in the process of co-creating urban policy. Our goal was to popularize knowledge about the civic budget, also known as participatory budget. We are convinced that because of these activities, the satisfaction with public services has increased, and residents and their organizations will now be able to actively participate in solving local problems. The task included open trainings and workshops for the residents of Chorzów, during which the idea of ​​participatory budget was presented, examples of good budget implementation practices from previous years of budget activity, and residents learned how the budget works in other cities. The workshop part was devoted to familiarizing the participants with budget principles and working on the application. Under the supervision of experts, the residents could acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create their projects, which are a response to the needs of the local community. We also provided regular support to residents who wanted to participate in the creation of the budget – the department will be an information point, where anyone interested could get all the information about the citizen’s budget and seek advice on how to complete the application. Our information point is a place where you could receive the necessary forms, applications and instructions. During the project we were waiting for all interested in the office, which was located in the Chorzów Non-Governmental Organizations Centre. We also directed promotional and information activities to a wide audience – posters and leaflets on the citizens’ budget were placed in public places such as public utilities, advertising columns or service points. As the information of the budget is addressed to every resident of Chorzów, leaflets and posters were also placed in the housing communities. Bearing in mind the importance of new media, especially social media, we have run an information campaign through websites (Foundation and City Hall Chorzów), and the profile of tasks in social media will also be created.