Volunteers in our country are still not enough. Only 18% of the population engages in activities for the benefit of others and does so more sporadically than systematically. In countries such as Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Germany or Spain, about 50% of the population engages in volunteer activities coordinated by social organizations.

Does it mean that Poles are not willing to act for the common good?

Nothing more wrong.

22% of Poles act informally, outside social organizations, supporting their relatives, neighbours, seniors, children, religious communities and the local community.

Among 60% of Poles who are not theoretically not involved in social activities, there are certainly many who want to, but do not know how to start.

And these are the people we invite to cooperate.

I am a volunteer because:

  • it is worth being and feeling necessary;
  • common action means more chance for success;
  • the volunteer gains the sympathy and respect of others;
  • I have the opportunity to gain new, practical skills by real, useful activities;
  • I like making new friends
  • I have the opportunity to discover and develop passion;
  • it is simply a pleasure.

If you want to help – write to: biuro@agereaude.pl

Data for: research results of the Klon / Jawor Association (2014)